El continuo auge de la burocracia americana


Bill Bonner, excepcional en The Daily Reckoning, recomendable leerlo entero:

Government employment includes thousands of honest people doing honest work. Some of it is useful. The trouble is, since it is not subject to market pricing, you never know how useful it is.

Out of 10 government employees, probably 2 do useful things…things that we would willingly pay for if they weren’t done for us by the government, though we would almost certainly pay less for them than they cost us now. Five others do things that are not worth doing at all – things that are purely wastes of money. And the other three do things that destroy wealth…things that actually make the situation worse. Those three are economists. Or lawyers. Or who-knows-what.

Of course, people in the private sector do stupid things too. Just look at the fellows writing subprime mortgage contracts. Or the fellows performing rap music (:D). Or the fellows selling televisions. But, hey, that’s just our opinion. Let the market (the consumer) decide! It’s not up to us.

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